01. Competition Law

MLAB is renowned for its expertise in competition law, rooted in the extensive professional experience of our lawyers, their strong educational backgrounds and permanent commitment to continuing study of the field. 

At MLAB, we approach each case as if it were our only assignment at the time. We work to get a full command of the specific circumstance of each client and respective industry, conducting thorough analyses of the concrete conducts in each case and their competition law implications. This approach allows us to offer and implement optimum solutions for the challenges our clients face.

We also provide clients with advanced preventive advice, enabling them to fully leverage competitive advantages while avoiding running afoul of competition rules to ensure compliance with even the most demanding regulatory frameworks.

Furthermore, our expertise and extensive experience allow us to offer the best advice, for example, where a client wishes to inform an authority of restrictions on competition that constrain its ability to operate in the market, or is under investigation by the EU Directorate-General for Competition, the CNMC or a regional competition authority.

We have ample experience in assisting companies during dawn raids by competition authorities and in preparing leniency applications and settlements.

Lastly, we have broad procedural experience in all types of litigation before European, national and regional courts, both administrative and commercial, in competition law matters, and also in unfair competition and claims for damages, as well as in appeals for judicial review.

MLAB's main areas of expertise in competition law:

  • Dawn raids
  • Vertical (distribution) and horizontal agreements (production agreements, joint ventures, etc.)
  • Abuse of dominant position
  • Investigation of cartels, including leniency programmes
  • Merger control
  • Competition law compliance programmes
  • Damages claims
  • Unfair competition
  • Market access restrictions
  • State aid

02. European Union Law

Since 1985, MLAB has built up broad experience across a wide range of cases in which European legislation is pivotal or which involve different European Union bodies, becoming one of the leading practices for EU law in Spain.

This deep understanding of EU law and the procedures before EU institutions has positioned our firm, since its foundation, as a top player in the application of European Union law in Spain, both by government authorities and the courts, promoting and appearing in important preliminary rulings.

We have also successfully litigated on behalf of our clients against the European institutions in cases of misapplication of European Union law.

MLAB's main areas of expertise in European Union law:

  • Representation before institutions and courts of the EU
  • Defence in investigations by the EU institutions
  • Advice on legislative procedures
  • Advising on procedures relating to European funds
  • Public procurement
  • International trade
  • Licencing and authorisation procedures

03. Damages Claims

The firm has outstanding expertise in claims for damages for competition law infringements. MLAB represents its clients before Spanish courts, and before courts in other jurisdictions if needed, in private enforcement of the competition rules.

This area is undergoing continuous case-law and legislative change with the recent implementation of the European legislation enacted in this field. Bringing an action for damages suffered as a result of anti-competitive practices has been made easier by the transposition into Spanish law of the EU Damages Directive 2014/104/EU.

The firm’s professionals are highly knowledgeable in damages claims, with more than 20 years of experience, making MLAB a leader in this field.

MLAB's main services related to damages claims:

  • Defence or claim for damages resulting from restrictive practices:
  • Cartels or collusive arrangements
  • Vertical distribution agreements
  • Abuses of dominant position
  • Acts of unfair competition

04. Digital Markets

MLAB provides ongoing advice to major companies on all regulatory issues affecting their activity in the digital world. This is a growing sector with its regulatory framework constantly changing, which can at times act as a curb on the growth of their businesses.

Moreover, the regulation of these sectors emanates from numerous authorities, the European Union, Spain’s central government, regional and local authorities, depending on their respective competences, which makes keeping abreast of regulatory developments particularly complex. The firm has strong experience guiding digital platforms in launching new lines of business and shedding light on the most intricate aspects of each regulation.

Against this backdrop, MLAB has represented digital platforms in authorisation proceedings for new activities and in enforcement proceedings for possible regulatory infringements. We also represent our clients before courts, including European Union courts, handling appeals against regulations that may hinder the maintenance or opening of their different lines of business, as well as in lawsuits for unfair competition.

MLAB's main areas of advice in relation to digital platforms:

  • Monitoring legislative processes of regulations that may have an impact on business activity
  • Assessing current regulatory requirements for starting up new activities
  • Representation before national, regional and local administrations in infringement proceedings
  • Representation before the courts in appeals against restraints on freedom of movement and the single market
  • Representation in civil lawsuits for unfair competition
  • Advising on application of the Digital Services Act, particularly in content moderation and exclusion of business users
  • Advising on application of the Digital Markets Act and, in particular, on the defence of the rights of business users: publishers and content producers, apps, e-commerce, online advertising management

05. Regulated Industries

As a leading competition and EU law firm, MLAB has a consolidated track record advising and defending companies and economic operators in regulatory law, the enforcement of which was entrusted to the CNMC in 2013.

MLAB’s clients include major companies in regulated sectors such as transport, telecommunications and audiovisual, pharmaceuticals, postal services, energy, sports, tobacco and banking, among others. The firm’s lawyers have a deep understanding of the workings of those industries and the complex legislation that affects them, continuously refreshing and updating that knowledge to ensure our clients receive the highest level of expertise and strongest protection of their interests.

MLAB's main areas of advice in relation to Regulated Sectors:

  • Advising on defining corporate strategy
  • Advice on unbundled access
  • Advising in acquiring licences
  • Public service obligations
  • Infringement proceedings

The key to our success is the combination of specialisation, dedication to the client and a constant pursuit of excellence.

The key to our success is the combination of specialisation, dedication to the client and a constant pursuit of excellence.