Publication of the book A Modern Guide to the Digitalization of Infrastructure, edited by Juanjo Montero and Matthias Finger

16 septiembre 2021

We are happy to share the publication of the book «A Modern Guide to the Digitalization of Infrastructure», edited by Juanjo Montero and Matthias Finger.
Providing a coherent and multidisciplinary approach to digitalization, the book aims to systematize how the digitalization process affects infrastructure-based industries: telecommunications, electricity, railways, maritime, aviation, roads, water and postalservice.

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Lexology-Getting the Deal Through - Pharmaceutical Antitrust 2021

26 julio 2021

Our lawyers Helmut BrokelmannRosaria Ganino y Beatriz Sánchez-Ortiz Moreno contribute to Pharmaceutical Antitrust 2021 – Spain chapter.

Contribución de nuestros abogados Helmut BrokelmannRosaria Ganino y Beatriz Sánchez-Ortiz Moreno a la edición de 2021 de Lexology Getting The Deal Through – Pharmaceutical Antitrust, con el capítulo dedicado a España.

Se puede consultar el contenido en el pdf que sigue a continuación.

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MLAB Abogados finalista a mejor boutique legal de España - Premios jurídicos Expansión 2021

29 junio 2021

MLAB Abogados ha sido nominada para el premio Expansión Jurídico a la mejor boutique legal de España. Con esta nominación, las pequeñas empresas son reconocidas por su destacado desempeño en el panorama del derecho empresarial español, tanto por su implicación y relevancia en la economía, como por su contribución al entorno empresarial del país, liderando y resolviendo cuestiones jurídicas de especial complejidad.

MLAB Abogados has been nominated for the Expansión Jurídico award for the best legal boutique in Spain. With this nomination, small firms are recognized for their outstanding performance in the panorama of Spanish business law, both for their involvement and relevance in the economy, and for their contribution to the country’s business environment, leading and solving legal issues of special complexity.


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The Global Dictionary of Competition Law - Gun jumping - Rafael Allendesalazar

28 mayo 2021

Our managing partner, Rafael Allendesalazar, has been in charge of preparing the concept of Gun Jumping for the Concurrences Global Dictionary of Competition Law, a dictionary dedicated to competition law worldwide. As the first dictionary of its kind, written entirely by competition law experts, it constitutes a valuable tool for understanding the complete landscape of competition law, economics and policy.